Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Miss You Already!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful spring break!! 

Right about now Chase is moving, Lily and Alexa are on their way to Kalahari to swim, and most of you are at least getting to stay up a little bit late! (I hope) Right now my three are making a bed on the living room floor to watch Cats and Dogs. (A movie about cats who try to take over the world) 

I wanted to send this out as a reminder of what you could do this week if you're a rock star or you get bored!!

1. Do your Xtramath!!! Click here to go straight there!!
Our class code is 8GYWVM
This is also a shout out to Abigail F., Audrey, Alexa, and Rovahn who have already done their Xtramath this weekend!! Way to go you four!! I'm so proud of you! I have candy treats for everyone who jumps on this week!!

2. Hop on and practice your facts with Sumdog!! can be reached by clicking here! 
I hope you all remember your passwords! :)
Name Effort Per cent
Alexa Cabrera 269 26%
Abigail Feltman 230 23%
Audrey Kably 97 9%
Brayden Hernandez 89 8%
Andrew Halter 83 8%
Reece Yeager 49 4%
Hanna Sanders 32 3%
Brady Schadewald 24 2%
Haily Griesinger 2 0%

This is a run down of the Sumdog challenge so far. Way to go! I set the challenge at 1000 problems correct. I had to make it harder because you are all getting so good!!

3.  READ!! READ!! READ!! 
I hope you are all reading!! Do your Daily 5 at home! Grow those brains over break!! 

Rovahn I know you should have that Stink book about done!  I'll have the next book in from Ebay by Monday when we get back! :)

Audrey, India, and Abby I know you've been reading your Lightning Thief books! Audrey you should be getting to the big battle between Ares and Percy! Good Stuff! 

Eddie will surely cozy up with his Michigan Chiller for a good read. 

Abby N., Chloe, Tally, and Ellectra will be on their second Fairy book before Tuesday. Right girls!?!

Derek?? What are you reading?? I bet it's a good nonfiction book. Better be something! ;)

Brayden is the poor boy in your book still turned into a mouse? I hope he is a boy again. 

Francisco is your wrestling book about over or are you still stuck on that Poptropica code book?

Hanna,  Lily, and Kaytlynn I don't remember what you took home. But I hope you are reading anything. Find a good magazine!! :)

I have an AR link on the right side of the blog if you want to take your test before next week! 

I miss you guys and I hope you're having a great break!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

We kicked off reading month with a visit from Susie Q the certified therapy dog. Our teacher of the Hearing Impaired students has an adorable puppy who is a certified therapy dog. Not only is Susie Q ADORABLE but she can also read sign language!! Yep, she is one smart puppy! She did tricks for us then sat and listened to each of the students read. Soooo cute!! She laid her little head on their laps while they read snippets of their stories to her. We were in Daily 5 mode so we were all over the room. I think the kids wished we had a dog. Now wouldn't that be interesting! Here are a few shots I took of the gang reading with Susie Q.